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Google’s new logo, does your logo need a refresh?

In case you missed it, Google recently refreshed their logo. In this post we look at how refreshing your corporate identity can help your business.

Google's new logo!
Official Google Blog

What makes a good logo

One of the most important characteristics of a good logo is that it must be memorable but it also must be practical.

You may have a split second to capture a potential customer, therefore your logo must be easily recognisable.

You must consider how your logo will appear when applied to various situations:

  • Letterhead, compliment slips and business cards
  • Vehicle Livery
  • Signage
  • Mobile Website
  • Social Media
  • Packaging

A good logo is versatile and can be used in many situations and still be easily recognised.

Why should you refresh your logo?

Your logo may have been created many years ago, before tablets, smartphones and without consideration of how it would be applied in the various situations mentioned above.

Going through a logo refresh process can bring vibrancy to your overall brand, allow you to take stock and work with designers to make sure your logo is fit for purpose in this current climate.

Examples of brand refreshes

We’ve worked with many company to create brand new Corporate Identities but we’ve also helped many of our clients by refreshing their logos. Here’s some examples recently completed:

Network Personnel

Network Personnel Corporate Identity Update

Adman Civil Projects

Adman Civil Projects Branding

Network Recruitment

Network Recruitment Branding Update
As you can see from these examples, the new logo’s are still easily recognisable beside their predecessor but are fresh and have been brought to life by a refresh.

The key to a good brand refresh is creating a new logo that your existing customers will still recognise but will catch the eye of potential customers.

What next?

If you think you may benefit from updating your current logo or would like to discuss how a brand refresh could help your overall brand drop us an e-mail or call the office on 028 8225 2495. We love talking about branding and would be glad to help!

Written by Chris

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