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Instagram for your business. Is it worthwhile?

While Facebook and Twitter continue to be the most popular Social Networks, Instagram is becoming increasingly popular with businesses.

Instagram - How can it be used for your business? Instagram – How can it be used for your business?

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a Social Network that lets users share Photos and Video direct from their Smartphone. It also has cross publishing functionality meaning you can instantly publish your Instagram content to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr.

Can it be useful for my business?

With 300 million monthly users, Instagram can be very valuable to a business. Although like any social network you first need to ask: “Do my potential customers use Instagram?” and “How should I use?”.

What content should I post?

Let’s take a look at what types of content work for companies on Instagram:


Highstreet retailer H&M have over 7 million followers on their Instagram. They are regularly posting the latest trends, products from their stores and suggesting what goes well with what.

Show customers your products in use, make it interesting. Consider using abstract shots or different layouts, boring images can be easily missed.

H&M Instagram


Nothing gets people engaged on Social Media like a good Competition, but don’t be afraid to try something different!

Take Daniel Wellington Watches as an example, this stylish Watch brand use their Instragram to send their followers on a “Treasure Hunt“.

Followers are asked to use a specific Hashtag to get clues of a location where they can find a free prize.

Daniel Wellington Instagram Treasure Hunt Daniel Wellington Instagram Treasure Hunt

User generated content

Get your users to create your content for you! Many Brands such as Starbucks ask users to “Tag your coffee photos with #Starbucks!”, they then pick the best images and post them on their profile.

This is an easy way to get content, and it’s interesting and engaging.

Starbucks on Instagram Starbucks on Instagram

Behind the scenes

Give your followers a look behind the scenes, make them feel like they are getting something that others are not. It’s also a great opportunity to add personality to your business, make your customers feel part of it.

Check out how Ice cream giant Ben and Jerrys gave their followers a sneak peek into their “Flavour Lab” below:

Things to consider

Do you have the content? – To encourage engagement you will need good photos, make sure you have plenty of content or are willing to invest time in creating content.

Don’t have an inactive page – There’s nothing worse than a page that was last updated in 2012!

I’m not sure Instagram will work for us, should I use it anyway? – Instagram may not be for your business. That’s ok! With so many social networks its easy to get caught up and feel like you should be on all of them. This is not the case, look where your potential customers are and concentrate your efforts there.

Where do I start?

It’s easy to get started, simply install the Instagram App on Android or iOS, create an account and get to work!

Some inspiration

Have a look at how the big brands are using Instagram to engage with their customers and see if you can relate it to your business.

The current 5 most popular brands on Instagram are:

Here’s a handy list of the top profiles on Instagram.

Still confused

If you have any questions or would like to discuss where Instagram could fit into your Digital Strategy contact Chris today.

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