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Hickey’s Pharmacy

12 days of Christmas Campaign

Hickey’s Pharmacy is an Irish-owned Community Pharmacy Group with a proud record of serving the Irish public for over 20 years. They operate in the heart of communities, catering for the needs of individuals, families, and patients in residential care.

Hickey's Pharmacy

Hickey’s Pharmacy asked us to come up with some digital & print artwork for their Christmas Campaign “12 Days of Christmas” to advertise their big offers and giveaways. These ranged from A4 posters to social media animations.

Hickey's Pharmacy Branding

Hickey's Pharmacy Countdown

Hickey's Pharmacy Countdown - 1 day to go

The campaign covers pre-promotion on the lead up to the launch of great deals, right through the actual 12 days of Christmas.

Hickey's Pharmacy - 12 Days of Christmas A4 Poster

For more information on Hickey’s Pharmacy visit hickeyspharmacies.ie.

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