Looking for a Design Job, Internship or Placement?

Wed 08th Oct



Here’s a little piece of wisdom, experience, advice, or whatever you want to call it, for people/students looking for jobs or work experience.

Show us you’re interested (and interesting!)

If you’re a graduate or a student looking for a job, we expect to hear from you. Not your mum, your dad or a friend of a friend. Initiative gets results.

If you want to work here, you need to convince us. If your mum rings, it just tells us you’re not really interested. We expect our people to call our clients and talk to them. How can you do this if you can’t even summon the initiative to contact us.

Shadowing for School Students

If you’re still at school, looking to shadow for a day or two, that’s different – you can maybe get someone to lift the phone and make the call. But again, extra brownie points for the school student who makes the effort themselves.

We get a lot of requests, and while we try to be helpful, we can’t accommodate everyone so sell yourself and your skills! We may tell you to email something in that we can look at it (see 3 below). Be prepared for that.

Show us Your Work

It’s a creative industry. Be creative. It’s that simple. Presentation is everything. So in ascending order of influence…

  1. Presentation: a Word doc letter won’t get you very far. That’s what we normally get, sometimes complete with bad spelling and bad grammar. We are designers, we look at that stuff. Attention to detail is important.
  2. Ideally: a nicely worded email. It won’t be hard for you to find out who to mail it to and then link it to your online portfolio. There are lots of examples out there, failing this a PDF of your current work. Or an infographic. Anything that shows your skills and enthusiasm.
  3. Current work: Yes current, not material you did back in school. We want to see how your work could fit into our studio.
  4. Live jobs: Nothing beats a live project. It could be for family, a club you belong to, anything goes – you will learn more from this than any college project. Do it for free if you have to, it will help you develop.

We’ll Call You

Never expect a reply, everyone in here has been told NO before they got a break, you have to keep trying. Nothing wrong with follow up emails; here is some more of my latest work, that kind of thing.

Never give up. When something catches the eye we’ll contact you.

Carpe Diem

When you do get a break, and you will, seize the moment. Take every opportunity to make your work the best it can possibly be.

Learn from the people around you and work hard.

When you get the opportunity to give someone a break when you are older and wiser, do it. It’s good karma!

Written by Niall

Creative Director of LD2 & Founder of Club & County

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