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AssetCo Corporate Identity


Corporate Identity

AssetCo is a high value innovation driven business. The brand aspiration was to be the best in the emergency services industry offering high quality services, resources and technology.


We were commissioned to update their current identity and also explore the relationship with the other companies in the AssetCo group. The new visual identity incorporates the letters ‘A’ and ‘C’ to create a bridge effect.

It is derived from the symbol denoting infinity to indicate the breadth and depth of the AssetCo brand.

AssetCo Branding

Assetco Branding

Asset Co Fire and Rescue Branding

We also branded the sub units within the group with the same identity, allowing them to draw on the strength of the AssetCo brand. Most significantly the colour change from sky blue to red makes you aware of the sector they are involved in… who’s ever seen a sky blue fire engine?

AssetCo Brochure

For more information on AssetCo visit AssetCo.

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